Sex/Gender Discrimination

Employers in California are prohibited from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex or gender. This means that an employer cannot treat an employee less favorably or take any adverse action against an employee because of their sex (including pregnancy) or gender.

There are many different ways employers may discriminate on the basis of sex or gender. Some examples include:

Paying female workers a lower salary than male employees for performing substantially similar work

Refusing to hire or promote a woman because she is pregnant or the employer thinks she might become pregnant

Promoting a male employee over a female employee because the employer believes men are the “breadwinners” in a family

Assigning job duties based on what the employer perceives as being “appropriate” for a certain sex or gender

Giving a female employee a poor performance evaluation because she did not conform to sex stereotypes

Prohibiting women from wearing pants in the workplace

Treating employees of one sex or gender more harshly than another gender such that it materially affects the terms and conditions of employment

The Schlehr Law Firm represents employees in many types of sex discrimination claims. If you believe that you have been terminated or discriminated against because of your sex or gender, please contact us.

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