Religious Discrimination

Discrimination on the basis of religion or religious practice is a violation of state and federal law. California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of religion, including religious creed, religious observance, religious belief, religious dress or religious groom practice.

This means that an employer is prohibited from:

Terminating or refusing to hire an employee on the basis of their religion

Refusing to promote an employee because of their religion

Reprimanding or disciplining an employee because of their religion

Requiring that an employee dress in a manner would violate their religion

Grooming in a manner that would violate their religion

Engage in other adverse actions because of an employee’s religion

Employers are also required to reasonably accommodate religious beliefs and practices, provided that it is not an “undue hardship” on the employer.


Examples of accommodations for religion include:

Allowing an employee to take time off for religious observance

Making an exception to uniform or grooming requirements

The Schlehr Law Firm represents employees in many types of religous discrimination claims. If you believe that you have been terminated or discriminated against because of your religion, please contact us.

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