The Schlehr Law Firm is a boutique law practice committed to protecting employee rights and promoting workplace equality.


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Our office provides legal advice to employees who have been treated unfairly in the workplace.

Sarah B. Schlehr


Sarah is the founder and managing attorney of The Schlehr Law Firm, a firm whose sole purpose is to protect employee rights



Stacey Brown is a Senior Litigation Attorney at The Schlehr Law Firm with over 10 years of experience in civil litigation, focusing largely on the litigation of employment and civil rights issues

Client Testimonials

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When it comes to an experienced, trustworthy, ethical and professional law firm, The Schlehr Law Firm is the way to go. Words will never be enough to describe the positive impact that Sarah and her team had in my life. This firm certainly fights for justice; they are responsive before, during, and after the process. I highly recommend The Schlehr Law Firm.

Marisol S.

I can’t explain how difficult the situation I was in was, where I needed Sarah and her team. But the whole time I felt reassured and everything was well explained. Sarah took great care to understand the situation I was in and fought hard for years to make sure I saw justice for what I went through. She was always there for all of my questions and never made me feel dumb or uncomfortable. I cannot express, she was always available for all of the years this process took. And she continued to stay available after trial. I hope you never end up in a situation where you need her help, but if you do, she is the best advocate I could imagine. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me, I could not have faced trial without her.

Alyse M.

Sarah was a miracle find. She was a referral by another attorney who was a friend of a friend of mine. Prior to meeting with Sarah, I had called a few employment attorney’s who wanted to take my case. It was odd to have attorneys talk over the phone for 10 minutes and without seeing any evidence or meeting you in person, say, “I’ll send you a retainer.” I met with Sarah in person, discussed the issues I had at my previous employment, and after some deliberation Sarah informed me that she would take my case on contingency. The fact that she wanted to know all the details, took the time to investigate, and most importantly listened made me feel I had met the right “match.” It took us almost 4 years of litigation and a two week trial to win the case. There was never any false hopes or false promises made. Sarah would talk about winning and the potential for losing at trial if I decided to go to trial instead of accept any pre-trial settlements. It was my relationship with the Schlehr Firm which inspired me to pursue my own legal career. I saw an educated, powerful, woman who didn’t let anything slip by her. Sarah has years of experience, a sharp eye, and an iron will to fight your case. Needless to say it is very inspiring to work with Sarah and her associates. You will feel taken care off, important, and most of all like you achieved justice for your cause. I was extremely happy with my experience and referred a friend to Sarah so that she may have the same expert on her case. It is vital to have a diligent and honest attorney to inform you whether your case is one worth litigating or not. Litigation is not an easy process as a plaintiff, it may be emotionally taxing to some, stressful, and cause lots of self-doubt. But, when you have someone on your side who understands that, knows how to ease your concerns through actions on the case, and is human enough to check in– then there is not much to worry about in the long run. The journey with Sarah, in retrospect, was life changing.

Cassie D.

Sarah and her team were the answer to my prayers. I was someone initially very against legal action. But, I found myself up against a wall and needed justice for my new little family and me. I couldn’t have asked to find someone more knowledgeable, assuring, and willing to fight and protect me. This is a LONG process and Sarah and her team were always there walking me through everything and making sure I was okay. I will never be able to express how lucky I was to come across someone who was in this business for the right reasons. – Forever Grateful

Lindsay S.

I highly recommend Sarah and her team for their professional, ethical and compassionate legal counsel. Sarah is smart, tenacious and a tremendous advocate for her clients. Her entire team was professional and “on top” of all the details, paperwork and communication.

Lisa P.

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